Side chick Laws…]

Being a side chick means you giving out something that the number one woman isn’t, let’s all admit that to some level, this is flattery. But being a side chic is hell of a task, juggling the innocently clueless girlfriend, scandals and drama, headache and a never ending love triangle. But who knows, you may eventually be the main, don’t count on this though, just have fun.

Hello Sekani, Mother says…

The rawness will heal and the tears will slow down… it’s probably the only thing ringing through your mind. But one thing is for sure, you will never be the same person as before, that pain changes you, it changes how you think, it changes how you look at life. And it stays with you forever

'Stay out of 'em PJs'. Tips to stay productive during this pandemic

Start your day like any other normal working day. I wake up,do a little work out, take a shower, groom, dress up (Also helps with your snaps and Instagram images during the day, hehe), Oh and a little make up,don’t get your face all heavy on make up. Remember that you are still at home huh. Head to the kitchen for breakfast (I don’t take coffee no more, i wanna be JLo when I’m 50.) Lol.

I would undate dates from my past

If I had a chance to go back to my past, I would undate two people from my past. Without hesitation. We’ve all heard of toxicity and fake and all that kind of thing that describes people we consider bad for us.

My loves…💙💙

Dear acting industry, If i never make it in this field, I just want you to know that i am grateful… Grateful because you gave me the most wonderful gift This woman❤ I have a lot to say about her but this is not for her….it is for you industry… Be kind to her….she loves…


What is the colour of depression? Is it blue, is it dark or is it just nothingness. We have all seen people post forwarded memes of “I’d rather listen to you in the middle of the night than listen to your eulogy” You all have, haven’t you? Let me burst that burble, this is a…

Bae-ing Avocado. Lol what am I saying?

God put Avocados on earth to soften the hard hearts of men. To plant optimism where doom lives. I have loved Avocado as long as I have chewed food. I love how it smells, when it’s cut open, with fat melting on its sides that promises a feast. I can eat it with just about anything: rice,bread,beef, women.I can even eat it with another Avocado

Thank you for the Liebster Award nomination!!

Another good news, this is my first blogger award nomination, The Liebster Award, and the joy in me want to burst out and be described here but I don’t have the words. Thank you so much Christina Kyranis for this nomination, my heart bleeds for you(too much?).

How ‘Pro-Choice’ is pro-choise for Men?

It may seem like a stunt, but calling into attention double standards and unintended consequences, please men, campaign for your rights, take to the streets if you have to ( okay wait till Corona decides enough is enough) then you can decide that enough is enough for you too.

Hello Black Dark skin. ❤

We have all dressed in black at some point in our daily lives. Black is…. Well, there is something about dressing in black, especially all black. So slimming and classy. Black as a skin colour on the other hand, let’s just say, wear black, don’t be too black skin on the runway.

Be a slut. NO! be A lady

For women though, it is more of a warning than a word. It is a constant reminder to chew that gum well, in a way that doesn’t make you look sexual. To dress well, fit in those jeans, no they’re too tight, oh wait, they’re too loose.